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Collagen Facial:  90 mins

There are total 25 types of collagen work with elastin to give your skin its youthful appearance during the course of lifetime. Collagen holds many times its weight in moisture, which is why younger skin looks firm and smooth. The body stops producing collagen and elastin as we age. This anti-oxidant treatmentreduces the effects of aging caused by environment damage. It stimulates cell renewal to give you smooth, supple, radiant and resilient skin.

Deep Cleansing Treatment

DermaGlow Diamond Facial :  90 mins

Using patented technology to exfoliate basal layer of the epidermis, this treatment accelerates renewal and  repair of the skin cells  as well as stimulates collagen production. Achieve softer, smoother brighter and younger looking skin.


Radio Frequency ( Face ) Facial : 90 mins

RF works on the superficial layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkles, laxity and improving the overall appearance of the skin. This facial stimulates collagen to give your skin increased firmness and elasticity, resulting in a younger appearance. If also aids in face slimming and reduction of acne formation and acne scars.


Radio Frequency ( Face ) + Black Crystal Collagen Mask :  105 mins

The results are visible from the first session and are long lasting on the skin. The synergy of RF and Black Crystal Mask accelerates collagen production as well as skin repair and cell reegeneration. In addition, this anti-oxident mask remove impurities,,replenishesmoistsure and restores skin suppleness. RF produces heating at dermic level which stimulates the production of collagen, provoking an immediate tightening effect and a noticeable improvement in the quality of the tissues. Wrinkles are reduced and the skin presents a more luminous and toned texture in general.

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