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We change your skin younger ,

with pride and confidence.

Located conveniently in the Bedok commercial hub, Sensuous beauty promises a distinctive beauty experience.  Enter our cosy and luxurious premises and pamper yourself with an exquisite treat. You deserve to envelop yourself in the tranquil oasis of energy and vitality. We take you through a rejuvenating journey to make you feel younger and gorgeous all over again.


How about forgetting daily life pressures once in a while?

Come, relax and revitalize your body, mind and soul and heal!


Visit us once and you will notice that we are a grp of holistic anti-aging beauty specialists taking a hi-tech aesthetic approach.

Our Facial Skin care treatments, Body care treatments are, simply put, world class! We are, perhaps, one of the very few centres in Singapore offering advanced anti-aging treatments.Our therapists have all gained international certifications from reputed institutions. We regularly conduct workshops for our clients and provide the latest beauty information.


Our clients come from a variety of professions and lifestyles –housewives, successful businesswomen, busy lady executives, airhostesses, bankers, teachers and even models. Why are we so popular among these lovely ladies? Simple! True to our brand name – Sensuous- we have lined up advanced aesthetic techniques that arouse all your feminine senses… making you yearn for more and more.


Beauty is not just on the outside. It is, in fact, all about how you feel inside. When we skilfully and safely take away those wrinkles from your face and pounds from your body, or when we make your skin look supple and younger, naturally your self-confidence gets a huge boost. Little wonder then, you make heads turn!


Come, be a Sensuous Beauty!

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