SensuousBeauty | Neovim and Tmux for JavaScript Development
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Neovim and Tmux for JavaScript Development

These commands above do all the necessary to have Vim-Plug available in your editor. That’s why there are several alternatives to NetRW, and the most famous one is NERDTree, which I use in my main configuration. All I know is that a terminal with italic support will recognize them as italic. Below is a logic I made for Vim to detect if the system supports a greater number of colors.

vim for FrontEnd Development

Why using ALE when COC.nvim also has a linter and errors highlighted? Please note, that if you use it in visual mode, it will automatically highlight selected line(s). The second one has also a ctrlb shortcut to switch between buffers. With that out of the way let’s take a look at some key features of my config.


However, it does not come with plugins or nice looks by default. However, as I’ve moved more and more into almost exclusively front-end development I’ve been starting to be tempted by other developers. The simple reason why is that the front-end community isn’t as active on Vim as it is on other editors such as VS Code and Atom. There are fewer developers in front-end using Vim, and therefore sometimes the plugins and eco-system around it aren’t quite as plentiful as other editors. To that end, I’ve decided to spend some time trying out other editors to see how I get on. I found that using tmux has been a great compliment to neovim.

Vim-css-color is a very handy syntax plugin to show colors in css. Consider ColorV if you need full power to manage colors in vim. Personally I feel it’s an overkill and use this alfred workflow to pick & input color code (well done, alfred). YouCompleteMe itself is not capable to do javascipt semantic completion. But both tern_for_vim and vim-flow can naturally “hook” into the completion engine and display their results. Both are really good since they can display semantic results, which is rarely seen in dynamic typed languages.

User reviews about Vim

Vim starts off as your average text editor that can do even the most simple and common of text editor tasks. You can operate it via either command-line interface or its configurable graphical user interface. It has “undo” and “redo” commands in case you got something wrong. It’s even available for almost all platforms and operating systems.

Don’t worry, I don’t have any emotional attachment to lua. Was just trying to say a lua config doesn’t have to be complex. I’d say there is no need to learn everything about lua. If you have GNOME then probably you are using gnome-terminal like me and it didn’t find the fonts after installing them.

VIM CSS Autocompletion

If you want to know more about it, the link for the website is at the end of the article. If there’s something critical to a good development experience, it’s a good color scheme. For information check my config below and check documentation for each plugin. The main challenge for me is getting used to not having the terminal so accessible to me – normally I run Vim within a terminal so I can easily run commands in the background.

vim for FrontEnd Development

That’s not a problem, that’s me configuring my environment to encourage outcome I desire. I have experienced every one of them, as stupid as it sounds, that last one was within the past month. And many people I’ve work with experienced those situations a lot more often than I have.

What is tmux and why would you want it for frontend development?

Usefully, this one includes a quick list of “most popular” and “most failed” challenges, so those might be good places to start. Screeps is an open-source massive multiplayer online real-time strategy game that lets you use real JavaScript code to build a colony, mine resources, conquer territory, and more. This one is quite advanced in its gameplay and comes highly recommended by a number of developers and teams.

vim for FrontEnd Development

The flow checker is highly recommended (need to install Flow). For macOS and Linux, the Neovim config file is located in ~/.config/nvim/init.vim. Unflagging 2nthony will restore default visibility to their posts. Well, learning Vim feels like trying to speak the native tongue.


Flow team said in an issue that they will never adopt JsDoc style since they use different type systems. There’s also an official vim-flow plugin which also offers on the fly type checking. However the display is not as good as Syntasitc so I disable this functionality. Not use plugin, or take advantage of pangloss/vim-javascript if using it for indenting. Keep an eye on the subsequent development of new highlighting concepts. JavaScript-Indent and pangloss/vim-javascript are two frequently mentioned options.

  • For general between-file jumping, ctrlp and NERDTree are essential.
  • Fortunately last time Language Server Protocol (LSP) appeared.
  • My goal for this post is to share the customizations I have implemented in order to efficiently use Vim as my main editor for web development projects.
  • I’ve listed several
    other plugins that I find useful as well.
  • Among them I choose jshint as basic linter, since it’s fast, widely used (which means good community support), and not bothering that much like jslint.
  • Now thanks to this plugin it is possible to use different Language servers plus some extra plugins which are not available in vim directly.

To change EcoVim related config use the config/EcoVim.lua file. All in all, Vim is a popular editing program for a good reason. However, the program offers so much and with the right amount of give-and-take, you’ll quickly find that it may be the powerful text editor you need. It’s an added bonus that Vim is free, open-source, and is a charityware that encourages you to donate to the children in Uganda. If you want to compile the OS/2 version, you need the EMX compiler. Use the
Unix source archive, runtime files and the extra archive.

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